Lava chrome (2016)

Lava lamp glibber in a space chrome reflection. Drawn purely with acrylic color.

Alien recon squadron (2015)

My first acrylic canvas drawing, picturing two alien creatures on recon duty. Drawn with acrylic color mixed with water for gradients.


Spaceship sketch (2012)

A spaceship pencil sketch on paper for an wipeout-styled game.

Riceman (2009)

An acrylic drawing on paper.

Chalk sketch (2008)

A chalk sketch of an old man

Compositings in study subject: photography

Grafiti (2009)

A photo of me hanging on a wall. The grafiti is a drawing integrated in the photo.

Western (2009)

A photo of my colleague Matthias sitting on a couch watching television. The television was inserted and the brain-hole is hand computer-drawn.

Meteor (2009)

A photo of another colleague Matthias gasping in the distant. The meteor (a stone photography) was inserted and the ground and rifts was hand computer-drawn and modified.