Acryl Canvas

Forest ruins (2018)

Wormhole (2018)

Lava chrome (2016)

Alien recon squadron (2015)


Spaceship sketch (2012)

A spaceship pencil sketch on paper for an wipeout-styled game.

Riceman (2009)

An acrylic drawing on paper.

Chalk sketch (2008)

A chalk sketch of an old man

Compositings in study subject: photography

Grafiti (2009)

A photo of me hanging on a wall. The grafiti is a drawing integrated in the photo.

Western (2009)

A photo of my colleague Matthias sitting on a couch watching television. The television was inserted and the brain-hole is hand computer-drawn.

Meteor (2009)

A photo of another colleague Matthias gasping in the distant. The meteor (a stone photography) was inserted and the ground and rifts was hand computer-drawn and modified.