Dreamscreen Virtual Production


Method Studios

As part of the development team for Dreamscreen Australia, we have set-up part of the architecture and environments for this Virtual Production shoot.

2019 - 2021

Method Studios

Method Studios


Working on pipeline tools and implementing new technology around Houdini and Maya.


Audi Point-Of-Sale-Configurator


For our customer Audi we created this showroom point-of-sale application which features a full configuration for all of their car models with customized camera perspectives, cinematics and environments. Applications on and above these features have also been developed for other automotive clients.


KIA Rio WebGL / Apple / Android Car Configurator


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Working at MackeVision Medien Design GmbH, we created the KIA Rio app for WebGL, iPhone / iPad, Android devices.

It features a full configurator for a the KIA Rio car with more than 30.000 configuration possibilities - all runnable in WebGL using custom optimizied shaders and greatly reduced geometry. 3 different environment with a day / night lighting setting and animations of doors, glove box and sunroof.


Mackevision Realtime Solutions


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Working at MackeVision Medien Design GmbH, we've created several visualizing products for high-end detailed visualization using the latest technologies available. As a Lead Technical Artist and Senior Realtime Developer I've been involved in the architectual design, development, refinement as well as project management.


Horror City

Made Apps

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End of 2015, I've been working at Made Apps for 4 months working with the Unreal Engine 4, modelling high and low poly meshes in Maya for perfect "no-hard-egdes" baked in-game models and creating base textures using Substance Painter.

2014 - 2015

Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey for Kinect and PS4 Camera

Grandé Games

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2014, André Noller and me started a new company (called Grandé Games) for creating our own game idea, Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey, for Xbox One Kinect and PlayStation 4 Camera using Unity3D and FMOD® SoundSystem.


Vulcano ERP Suite


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Working at redhotmagma, creating business management software in Adobe® Flash Builder, mainly focussed on creating user interfaces for mass data display, organisation and modification.


e.on iPad app


At zeros+ones, I programmed the e.on web-special native iPad app. With animations, videos, interactive areas, this app explains the eHome package from e.on.


introjuice iPhone app


At zeros+ones we created the introjuice iphone-app in a small team, enabling a friend-to-friend search and matching to use at conferences any type to find new partners and friends.



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My thesis about touchless gestures in 3dimensional space.

Using two infrared cameras, a depth field is calculated to get informations about the user's hand position in the room relatively to the camera's position.

In the application, the user can navigate with his hand through a flash interface to get informations about study relevant topics.


Setra website relaunch

At the end of my intership at zeros+ones I programmed the Setra flash-based website frontend.

It featured backend administration and on-the-fly language switching as well as a lot of smooth classy animation and 3D bus animations.


AMD Platforms

During my intership at zeros.ones I participated in the relaunch of AMD's new AMD Platforms campaign. My part was the programming of the subpages within animations and special effects.